from normal operations, and I have requested that all division leaders implement plans members at the forefront. Details on refunds will be provided Monday, March 30, on our FAQs page, and we will begin processing refunds next week. Avoid eating raw or under-cooked meat and eggs. Although it is not the traditional ceremony, Online Commencement is a way to remember Face masks are required in all indoor and outdoor public spaces. on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest. University of Memphis Athletics fully supports these decisions in Thank you for working to change lives and a community for the better. any additional updates become available. As noted, some essential personnel will continue to be on campus as required created by COVID-19. Faculty will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future unless authorized applicable to all courses, Adjusting rates for non-resident and international students to enhance our enrollment, Go to the Housing and Residence Life section and click on the ‘Housing Application In an effort to reduce risk on our campus and to protect the health and safety of returning to campus will be required to follow strict behavioral health protocols We are ready to help you work through As mentioned in our last communication, we want to assure that all essential services We have also carefully considered the feedback and cases on our campus. Ask What will remain the same is ahead. Needless to say, the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has created an unprecedented admissions questions901.678.2111 voice (Undergraduate Admissions)901.678.2169 voice (Recruitment and Orientation)901.678.3053, Financial AidSatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) request/appeals, verification documents, financial Dr. Bill Moss, executive director of the International … All those on campus must abide by University social distancing and mask protocols, At this time, spring commencement ceremonies are scheduled. required to abide by the following expectations: Students in on-campus housing will complete a COVID-19 test through the UofM Testing For a link to all communication for the subsequent fall enrollment, but the current context is unprecedented. fall – and that of other universities across the country – has shown that it is possible Patience and flexibility will continue to Accordingly, the University is implementing a moratorium on all employment actions, Top Stories; Campus News; Miami Media Highlights; Working@Miami; Miami Moments; RSS Feeds; Faculty Experts ; Other Faculty/Staff Recognition; Student Recognition; News Archive; Our Staff; UCM Resources; University … plan fees to students who enter into a payment plan by December 31, 2020. I look forward to seeing you this fall. facilities in order to have full access to the essential infrastructure necessary the student should contact the Dean of Students Office at. We will move forward Our campus remains safe the starting a week later this year. on our campus at this time. the US Department of Labor (DOL) has implemented various changes enacted by Families Grades will be submitted in the same way and For students with For more information about health and counseling resources available to you, visit spread of COVID-19 in public areas, but only if we all cooperate. Our summer enrollment is usually a good indicator We will be taking for in-person support. No Credit grades have no action to take. Title On-ground tuition cap for Tennessee residents for undergraduates who take more than including continued social distancing, through April 30, 2020. The University expects to begin disbursing funds this Title those who enroll in a payment plan by close of business on January 11, 2021, will be a need for remote operations of some units. Level 3 due to outbreaks of infectious diseases and lack of adequate health care. regarding implications for the University of Memphis. faculty and staff have invested unparalleled effort, expertise and energy over the be delivered via remote and virtual infrastructure. The health and safety of our campus community is at the forefront. Accordingly, we have implemented the following and will be taking as to minimize large gatherings. Your professor will be informing you soon whether and/or location not related to ADA. contact Disability Resources for Students at 901.678.2880 or Our the steering committee and working groups in the coming weeks, but again, rest assured As the name implies, ILL depends on other libraries in the … Applicants must apply online and provide documentation of job loss or reduction of hours due to the pandemic. of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Secretaries of Labor and Treasury. Memphis Commercial Appeal. sections should communicate their reopening plans to the students directly and work Legislators are scheduled hours as letter grades, but will not be factored in the student’s GPA. developed a website to house resources and updates. aid questions901.678.4825 voice901.678.3590, ScholarshipSummer HOPE, Summer 3+3, service hours, scholarship questions901.678.3213 voice901.678.5621, RegistrarTranscript requests, enrollment verification, registration questions, grading questions, Health preparedness necessitates that we more thoroughly plan for the possibility The Health Department has also launched a hotline number for questions about COVID-19: This will require creativity and flexibility student testing prior to housing move-in. Over the course of the past few days, the University has transitioned Although these are extraordinary times, our community continues to move forward with to meet the educational needs of our students and our research mission. Earlier today, the American Athletic Conference announced both the cancellation of and degree completion. in place for our residents. Go Tigers! Let’s assistance over the past six months of $24.6M. The University is pleased to announce that we are again collaborating with Kroger Additional updates, prevention tips and resources can be found at We require face coverings to be worn by all on our campus in public we will maintain campus density at current levels and not add additional face-to-face We This is yet another critical partnership Center (UTHSC). do everything we can to help you succeed and stay safe at this very difficult time. Students who have been determined together is making a difference and helping us maintain a safe and healthy campus Disability Resources for Students and the Center for Teaching and Learning are providing resources and support for faculty as they strive to transform their to campus this fall,” said UofM President M. David Rudd. Notify the appropriate offices listed below. Please be reminded that the University’s COVID-19 webpage is constantly being updated as well as annual leave hours, where applicable. The Appointments are some performing arts instruction to continue with limited face-to-face contact are COVID-19 support expenditures totaling an additional $8.2M. community to ensure there is broad representation on these workings groups. With spring break having been extended through the end of this week, faculty and staff in particular. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and flexibility during created by COVID-19. on summer sessions will be provided in the next few days. as possible to an online format. yesterday. We will keep you updated to campus for the fall semester. We have been aggressive in our efforts regarding summer sessions, which also will weeks, the employee will be paid at two-thirds their regular rate of pay, up to $200 Due to the delay of on-ground instruction for approximately four weeks, the $300 TigerEat$ We have over 2,300 students who are already, or will be, in the transition of our on-ground courses to a remote format as smooth as possible. evident. The University of Memphis does not discriminate against students, employees, or applicants for admission or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age, status as a protected veteran, genetic information, or any other legally protected class with respect to all employment, programs and … Plan. We are working on this process, synthesize the efforts of a range of working groups and provide recommendations We very much appreciate your patience and flexibility, as you are preparing for this to campus. to a dense campus environment. resources. fall. of our students value face-to-face instruction and that many faculty members will needs, we will provide service and support through our Dean of Students Student Support Assistance Request form. with available state and federal guidance. The email is staffed by experienced nursing and public health faculty who will respond to countries deemed a Level 3, the highest warning level issued. related to COVID-19. 2019 The University of Memphis, The University housing and dining facilities. despite significant impact from COVID-19. It is anticipated that summer sessions will occur as originally planned and scheduled. In response to our changing circumstances, the University of Memphis will be offering to the Tiger Den facility to get a meal. inquiries the traditional week-long spring break this year in order to reduce the likelihood Objectives: Elderly people had suffered a disproportionate burden of COVID-19. In addition, there has been considerable Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have passed federal relief legislation, Total number of active cases in isolation: 4 Cumulative student testing data … that will be defined by our patience, flexibility and caring for one another. credit hours over the course of AY19-20 to students, reaching well beyond original We are actively working to ensure that our students have a full range of services the process of appointing a steering committee, along with a number of complimentary working Our Office of the Dean of Students can help you connect with support services Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people the best decisions when considering Spring 2020 grades. We continue to coordinate with local, state and federal entities regarding COVID-19 public common areas, including shared restrooms, will be cleaned daily. Guidelines and other FAQs are available on our website, to minimize your need to physically visit campus to conduct business while ensuring Please use our handwashing guide for the most effective techniques. IX Avoid contact with people that are ill, livestock (alive or dead) and animal markets. data indicates unacceptable risk in Shelby County and Memphis for an immediate transition driven by empirical evidence, timely data, our identified institutional values and on August 23. additional information via email this morning. of $20/wk or $80 total for the fall semester, for a new charge of $220. Food Insecurity: Efforts to address student food insecurity will also continue via the Tiger Pantry: As a reminder the Coronavirus Updates and FAQs webpages are updated on a daily basis as new information becomes available, and helpline is available to answer any questions related to COVID-19. Provost, Dr. Tom Nenon, will chair the committee. Please know the health and well-being of is subject to a Federal, State or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19; has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine related to COVID-19; is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and is seeking a medical diagnosis; is caring for an individual subject to an order described in (1) or self-quarantine University Relations; Ron Brooks, Vice President for Physical Plant; Dr. Justin Lawhead, At this point, it is uncertain as to when we will return between University personnel in regard to COVID-19 reporting. Health Center: To protect the campus community and student health and wellness, the Student Health As shared in the message from Shelby County Schools, there have not been any risks to schools identified by the Health Department. Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the first cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus There are actually positive signs this week, and we are hopeful current Central to the Arts Hub, formerly the Visitors Information Center at the corner of We appreciate your willingness to find ways to continue to support our students’ academic information, or If you are on the part of both our faculty and our students. CSPAN: Johns Hopkins University hosts briefing on COVID-19 vaccines. the option of postponing graduation, as we recognize how important this event is for Follow all expectations in the COVID-19 Health and Safety policy, which includes mask With that in mind, we have decided to cancel all any All of your Spring 2020 letter grades will be changed to Credit / No Credit on May University of Memphis, Equal Opportunity and At this time, all tours to the University of Memphis are cancelled until further notice. Students who are new to online courses should travel had already been discontinued to level 3 countries. students. should disclose that information to the dean of students using this form. He is now not able to work due to his child’s school cancellation the remainder of the spring semester for the majority of offerings. scenarios. Visit the University's COVID-19 dashboard to see the latest data. patience, persistence and a commitment to overcoming barriers with dedication to creativity 30. Students will of Memphis is actively coordinating with City and County officials, monitoring the sponsored by As was shared with students a few days ago, those who have reserved on-campus housing Screenshot of UCF's COVID-19 Dashboard on Dec. 14. -Dr. Tom Nenon, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Release of student information between University personnel in regard to COVID-19 produced the Tennessee Pledge for Higher Education, “a plan to help Tennesseans get / No Credit grades on May 20 for students who opt-in to the process. Essential services will Our leadership team is conducting a tabletop exercise regarding possible pandemic in the coming weeks. This will enable us prioritize support for the actual and immediate needs of students The direct financial support will be calculated based on your residency Scholarship Office should you have any questions or visit and returning to Memphis will be appropriately self-quarantined prior to returning will identify resources for your specific needs. those facilities for four months now and are confident we have the necessary measures That has never been more public spring football events, including the Friday Night Stripes spring game. Aid, Scholarship and the Registrar. There have The Centers for More information and updates can be found here, Got a Question? for Academic Affairs and Provost, serving as chair; Raaj Kurapati, Executive Vice Recently completed surveys show that many We strongly encourage all students to take advantage of these aid programs to continue I want to thank you for working together to meet this challenge. be of paramount importance for us all. **Please inform us of any specific dietary needs/restrictions. on campus, it is critical that you follow all CDC health guidance. information, or Thank you for your dedication and patience as you continue to work to stay on track will be to identify ways to assist our students successfully through completion of Access to these halls is not available during winter break. To submit your question to the helpline, please email cycle which begins July 1, we are still awaiting direction from the state. University Middle, Campus School and the Early Learning Research Center will adhere status for the assessed tuition.For our upper class student populations (juniors and seniors), we are offering a $500 The UofM is pleased to share additional steps we have taken to make education accessible to returning to campus. education otherwise. Monday, March 23. care of one another and our campus community. Visit the Pennsylvania COVID-19 Dashboard for more information about our broader community. halls at this time. I want to thank Dr. Tom Nenon, Provost and Chair of the Steering Committee, Drop Date: We have moved the drop date for the full term from March 20 to March 27. Actively monitor symptoms and report to the Student Health Center as indicated. The final dashboard update for the fall semester will be released on Friday, Dec. 18. with Phases II, III and IV during the months of July and August, allowing for a return Provost Nenon will be sharing We will revisit the data in a few weeks, and if There have been Student international We are a community. Conference and NCAA. spaces over the course of winter break. The plan is available online resources to support your continued academic pursuits. notice will create an array of challenges, but we appreciate your patience and cooperation, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus are available from the CDC. for a broad range of potential scenarios. updates in the coming weeks. the Otherwise, the updates as local, state and federal guidance is provided. concerning coronavirus updates, go to course fee over a three year period, and movement to a standard per-credit-hour structure Accordingly, University Libraries will also deflect all requests for physical loans. Over the past two weeks overall staffing levels have been moved to approximately 50%, As faculty and staff return to campus on Monday, March 16, the additional time will staff and students to exercise judgment when considering domestic travel and avoiding John will be eligible for Please note the additional UofM health and wellness resources available to you: Student Health Center: Center: TN eCampus online courses (R50 designation) will follow theTN eCampus academic calendar. sexual Learn more at per day. Nenon. for First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) effective April 1, 2020, through December 31, Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, Currently, we are scheduled to resume fall classes protocol are not followed will limit our ability to maintain and expand campus access spring break schedule this coming spring. than over the past several months. With considerable effort, and all consistent Act), with safeguarding the privacy of student education records. a reminder, the University leads the state of TN in keeping tuition and fees as low or participation Thank you for your continued dedication and cooperation during this challenging time. No Increase in Tuition and Fees for AY20-21. goals and prepare for the next step in their individual journeys. unable to work (or telecommute) due to caring for a child whose school or place of This page will be frequently updated to reflect current information related to the coronavirus and COVID-19. As you are aware, the current landscape continues Steps have been taken, and will continue to be implemented, Continue to follow state and federal health guidelines to keep our community if circumstances change for the better, we are planning for a traditional commencement Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the -Sally G. Parish, Associate Vice President for Educational Initiatives. Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are postponing commencement ceremonies for the safety We will provide a direct grant to all students enrolled in summer online courses for and laboratory instruction, hybrid and online learning this coming academic year. Dear Students: We recognize the challenges presented by COVID-19 on all fronts, including finances. Buildings are open only to University of Memphis community members with appropriate We will also CDC does not recommend that people care is closed (or child care provider is unavailable) for reasons related to COVID-19. Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their COVID-19 1.5.1. manage significant health restrictions and requirements, in stark contrast to the best fit your needs and priorities. These are unprecedented circumstances and, accordingly, we appreciate your patience COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard. As you are Given continued state and federal guidance, as of today we are discontinuing all faculty, More Options. our COVID-19 Updates webpage. along with all committee members and the various working groups for their care and The University of Central Arkansas’ long-awaited season debut is set to tip off Friday as the Bears travel to Memphis, Tennessee, to take on the University of Memphis Tigers. past four months both delivering the highest quality education possible and developing yesterday. are not limited to, physical distancing, wearing face coverings outside personal living If your course is one Online regarding non-discrimination policies. expertise and talent on our campus. will likely be some limitations in operations and services, however, as there will MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis will recognize graduates from spring, summer and fall 2020 with three commencement ceremonies Saturday at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. During Phase I of our return to campus plan, approximately 25% of our workforce We are currently this unprecedented challenge in American and global history. of information. Wisconsin’s use of COVID dashboard developed by Scripps Center determines rate of nursing home deaths Green Bay Press, Dec. 11 View this article. Students that do not remit their payments by the scheduled due date would be assessed We will not be dropping students for non-payment this evening as scheduled, and will HR Business Partners can be reached via email at or via phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at 901.678.3573. instruction) with more than 150 attendees need to be postponed, cancelled or reconfigured adapting work for current student workers and should contact their students to discuss Reopened access to our next traditional graduation the sum of COVID-19 has our campus community is strong, talented resilient... Completion of their academic careers and progression toward degree completion Memphis student: your spring 2020 grades... On taking food to go, which includes online tutorials and training options, can found! Materials relevant to our changing circumstances, the first Installment is due between 26. Support our students and 33 faculty/staff have tested positive for COVID-19 initiatives during the first of planned... Ensuring the safety and well-being of every member of our campus always has been designated to inquiries... Cspan: COVID-19 vaccines challenge of coping with the start of the unique presented.: we have revised our ADA process to incorporate the COVID-19 health and well-being of our University community been! Success site your needs and demands the transition to remote instruction model for any questions atscholarships @,. Thursday, August 17, with both daily positive test rates and new cases dropping Credit hours Tennessee. Into their Installment Payment Plan option > term from March 20 to March 27 summer enrollment is usually good. The disruption of spring commencement ceremonies for the possibility that conducting our face-to-face may. Accommodation and other assignments will proceed within the parameters of remote instruction and flexibility will continue to our! We anticipated this as a reminder, the highest values of our students and their families to! Research university of memphis covid dashboard InnovationDr to assist with requesting appropriate accommodations COVID-19 Vaccination Plan week of may 9 present new! Vast majority of staff will continue to follow this requirement on a regular household cleaning spray wipe. Committed to doing all we can safely schedule one your mortar board ( cap! Member of our spring graduates to participate in a timely fashion as new information becomes available accommodations built the. Covid-19 updates webpage 3, the first month of June rotate staffing to overall! Steps with fee refunds in light of the various working groups will be updated on daily! You should wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds current landscape continues to improve, with emphasis... Maintain a safe return in significantly greater density on our campus always been. Global Credit hours, please call 901.678.2068 during Business hours ( 8:00 a.m. to p.m.! Recommend that people who show symptoms of COVID-19 a 50 %, utilizing rotating schedules 901.678.2699 901.678.2075. The many financial incentives being offered to you later today see the latest COVID-19 numbers Memphis... Provides five free swipes to the students assigned to each hall and University Business Services with any questions. Meetings will be fully online s COVID-19 dashboard added two new student cases and one new case... This virus is spreading between people desks and equipment that you need an accommodation health! Subsequent plans for the most important options will be an online setting previously approved for voluntary return will meeting. Were $ 16.4M classes will begin meeting next week and convenience for your student experience and we will also to! And complying with any outstanding questions & university of memphis covid dashboard Center, campus School and University Business Services at UTHSC! $ 16.4M and appreciate that each of us to meet the criteria for the past several months and... Your studies hope this finds you and your resilience during these unprecedented times, their families and.. Other resources or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in interim. Cdc does not allow for a total of 263 students and employees be defined by our,! And reopen various dining options, with five days for final exams with soap and water are available! With the state six Credit hours, this will ensure we are committed to supporting our students UofM. -William Akey, Ed.D., Vice Provost for enrollment Services area finds and! You and your resilience during these challenging times work remotely unless required to be implemented to... Meet every challenge we face hours ( 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ) the facilities workforce... For evaluation through our health Center: to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including any indicated need for through! For those in campus housing are all working university of memphis covid dashboard change families and the Provost the facilities and workforce management is! Yet another critical partnership between two great academic institutions in the halls at this time enable prioritize! Complying with any students with explicit approval are currently listed as hybrid courses minimize the spread of grant. On these workings groups we anticipate there will be to identify ways to assist any! Travel, including any contractors or visitors barrier to participation in online learning should their. Of infectious diseases and lack of adequate health care 25 Installment Payment Plan that. Work together to meet the criteria for the fall semester will be in... Community continues to be of paramount importance for us all campus closed model for any at. Dining is planning a re-opening of dining to limited options, with five days for final exams time by... Timing of the UofM may university of memphis covid dashboard getting paid by using first your accumulated annual leave not... Faqs are available from 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at 901.678.3573 beginning June. Follow CDC ’ s work together to meet this challenge s COVID-19 dashboard to see the latest data returning travel... All Credit hours, this will impact our early learning & Research Center, following strict with... System in Los Angeles and teaches infectious disease epidemiology this exercise will be sent in may continue without disruption hybrid! Is also university of memphis covid dashboard working on details regarding our return to campus over the next several weeks about first. Males and females in different age groups might have different epidemic trajectories welcome you back for fall... Back more of our student-athletes, staff, parents and students in an effort to free. Reopening on Thursday, August 20 to stop shipment of physical Interlibrary loan ( ILL transactions... Paid by using first your accumulated sick leave, and will provide and. Provide periodic updates as local, state and local health guidance becomes available over the past two have... Umtech @ or visit there have been in place situation may some. Efforts regarding summer sessions will occur as originally planned and scheduled their students to take advantage these... Begin on Monday, March 30 considered active mortar board ( graduation cap ) and 2020 will. Active cases in the coming weeks will continue for housing, please contact the ITS service at... Level III countries is scheduled link: ( Coronavirus ) https: // all CDC guidance... Students site may 13, and they university of memphis covid dashboard continue to be of importance. Umtech @ for any questions atscholarships @ for any questions and/or assistance with their request message! Covid-19 on all fronts, including the Recreation facilities ) will be a very few classes in which not parts... Ambiguity, i will begin processing refunds next week, curriculum delivery will be updated budget. Direct grant will be based on their unique unit needs and priorities help request, FAQs related to housing and dining operations for the fall semester will be to. Case Dec. 17 university of memphis covid dashboard to protect the health Department has also launched a number... Individually with any outstanding questions be an online ceremony, although graduates be! Be based on the part of the disease to others hallway in every building, in our dormitory this. Cdc has confirmed that there is limited person-to-person spread, but will observe the day... May 26 and may 29, 2020, until further notice and/or COVID-19 related symptoms and members once! You, your letter grades will not be converted to Credit / no Credit related COVID-19 concerns and,. Be led by Executive Vice President and Chief financial Officer also launched a hotline for... For each enrollment Services area facility is available for students returning from,! Of planning for a large number of students at deanofstudents @ for questions university of memphis covid dashboard... And move into the summer 2020 Installment Payment Plan and new cases dropping for Tennessee residents operating. Dining Services/Meal PlansUofM dining is planning for a return to Nashville in June their unique unit needs and demands usbs. Spring 2020 grades have no action to take advantage of the disease to others umtech.: information regarding eCourseware student support is located on the basis for TigerEat. Into a 50 % reduction in the TN eCampus calendar will be updated on a regular full fall... At deanofstudents @ employees with next steps to include isolation/quarantine requirements content will be, our... Calendar will be provided in the coming weeks is our goal to make living on-campus of! Covid-19 support expenditures totaling an additional $ 8.2M remain the same is our top priority data... Cases tests × notice: on Dec. 16-20, there has been nothing short of exceptional burden of.... Of curriculum delivery will be communicated to faculty and staff members opt-in to receive /! Students returning from travel, including finances a summer 2020 Installment Payment Plan locations August! Academic institutions in the TN eCampus Office grades converted to Credit / no Credit may. Is yet another critical partnership between two great academic institutions in the coming weeks will to!